Aflon Mission Statement



Aflon Digital Academy (ADA) is intended to be a model center for the application of Computer Science in Education. We wish to make it possible for each student to develop his or her full potential in all spheres of human endeavor based on the application of technology. We intend to do this within the context of a sound academic structure, and a secure and stimulating environment for all students, regardless of sex, creed, or race.

In a Nutshell:

Our mission is to produce leaders of distinction and dignity, committed to life-long learning, living meaningful lives, and serving society through the

  • Integration of Thinking into the curriculum.
  • Using IT in instruction.
  • Having a balanced academic program with the arts, sports, and games.
  • Promoting a life-skills curriculum that includes personal and social development e.g. team-building, leadership development, and community service involvement.