There are various clubs and societies that students can join based on their interests. These clubs provide opportunities for students to engage in activities related to their passions, meet like-minded individuals, and develop new skills. Some common examples of clubs and societies in high school include sports clubs, academic clubs (such as math or science clubs), art clubs, debate clubs, drama clubs, music clubs, language clubs, and community service clubs. Joining these clubs can be a great way to explore your interests, make new friends, and have fun outside of regular classes.

ICT Club

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Club. It is a club in our school where students can explore and learn about various aspects of technology, such as computer programming, software development, graphic design, and digital media. The ICT club often organizes workshops, coding competitions, and tech-related projects to help students enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of technology. It’s a great opportunity for students interested in technology to connect with like-minded individuals and further their passion for ICT.

Literacy, Press and Debating Club

Literacy, press and debating society is a club in the school that seeks to promote student’s skills in creative writing, public speaking and acting. It covers four main aspects of arts such as creative writing. This involves writing of poems, articles drama or short stories. It also involves writing of news that will be casted on the assembly ground. The second aspect is debate. Students are exposed to contemporary topics in the country and the world at large. They are meant to express their views and opinion either in favor of the topic (trend) or against the topic (trend). Another aspect of the club is the press. Those in this category are instructed to gather information in various sections of the society such as politics, fashion, sports, religion entertainment etc. After gathering the information, they are compiled, edited and read on the assembly ground as news. This event helps to boost self- confidence and promote the act of public speaking among students. The last aspect of the society is the drama. It comprise students who are articulate and skillful in the art of drama rising and stage short drama skirt performance. This activity serves as an avenue to entertain members of the society and also provides a platform to groom upcoming actors and actresses. In conclusion, the literacy, press and debating society in Aflon Digital Academy is the training ground for anyone who intends to be top notch in the field of arts.


The Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists (JETS) Club is an extracurricular program often found in secondary schools. The club is designed to foster an interest in science, technology and engineering amongst science students. The JET club aim to inspire students to pursue to pursue a career in these areas. The activities within the JETS club can vary widely. It can focus on carrying out experiments, science fair, engineering projects and discovering new inventions. These activities help students gain practical experience and apply their theoretical knowledge. The club offers opportunities for students to learn from professionals in the field of science, technology and engineering engage in mentorship programs and attend workshops or guest lectures. It can also help the students to explore potential careers in the science, technology, engineering fields and providing insight into real world applications. 

JETS club can offer guidance on college applications, scholarships and career paths. Its activities and competitions can lead to recognition and awards, which can further motivate students to excel in the respective fields. Parents and guardians can also be involved through sharing of their experiences and assisting with club events.