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The right way to get jealous of schoolmates with wealthy parents

By Athanasios Canko, Greek-Albanian Computer Scientist

I went to a public high school here in Albania. My parents weren’t wealthy at all, they couldn’t afford luxuries of any sort. They couldn’t even afford to pay for my driving course when I turned 18 (let alone even a modest car), and I didn’t get my driving license until I was able to pay for it myself a year later.

Albania is a small country. Of such, I got to know a lot of rich kids, who had and currently have millionaire parents. They got the best things, the new mobile phones, the most expensive cars, could afford going to popular clubs, etc. Did I get jealous? Of course. I kept asking myself why they were richer than me. I got mad, I yelled at my dad for not working harder in life, so as to afford the best for me just like other wealthy parents.

But then I realized that anger and jealousy weren’t getting me that far. In fact, they weren’t getting me anywhere at all. But they motivated me. I got frustrated and I promised myself that I would become better than those spoiled rich teens. I began working hard. Luckily I have a good IQ inherited from my mother, therefore I was able to learn four programming languages by the age of 17, and all of it came from self-learning late at night. While rich kids were partying, I learnt programming.

The result? Now I am 19, I own two websites which generate a monthly income of $400-$600, I have a mobile game on App Store called “Bump & Bounce Free”, and I own a distribution e-shop in Albania, from where I sell imported USB and other pocket goods. Am I rich? Not yet. Am I ahead of other teenagers? Hell yeah. No teenager in Albania has made such progress yet (as far as I know). How did I get motivated to work hard? Jealousy.

The key: Let yourself become jealous, it is a good source of motivation. I find anger and jealousy the things that wake me up every morning with the desire to become better and to surpass others. Some call this arrogance, others call it inspiration. I call it a way of living, which is working quite well for me. I suggest you give it a try.

Nevertheless, don’t envy rich kids that much. After getting to know some of them, I found out that they pretend to be happy, but they’re not. No amount of money can bring you happiness, but the smallest amount of success can make you feel euphoric. They know what having money is, but they don’t know what success feels. And I doubt they ever will 🙂