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NECO Examiners AND NODOS Secondary School in Alleged Exam Malpractice Scandal

The Exam Ethics Marshals International a non-governmental organization dedicated to promotion off ethics, integrity and best practices in education has forwarded petitions to Inspector General of Police, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence (NSCDC), Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC), Independent Corrupt Practices Commission(ICPC) and Minister of Education asking for arrest and prosecution of members of Exam Fraud Syndicate that perpetrated mass cheating at NECO 2015 May/June Exams held at NOBOS Secondary School, Lagos.

The Petition which was signed by Ike Onyechere, MFR, Founding Chairman of the NGO stated thus; “The Purpose of the Petition is to draw your attention to the report published by Punch Newspapers of November 8, 2015 regarding the Exam Malpractice Syndicate that compromised and criminalized 2015 NECO May/June examinations at NODOs Secondary School, Lagos.

According to Exam Ethics it said; “The report by Tobi Oworinde, a Punch investigative reporter who went undercover to register and sit for examinations, provided graphic details with pictures and video of mass cheating was perpetrated at the school. Our request is for members of the syndicate who were mentioned in the report to be apprehended and prosecuted in line with the anti-corruption policy of Mr. President.

According to the petition, “Special Exam Centres or Exam Miracle Centres are schools operated by exam fraud syndicates as fronts for mass cheating. They are called Magic centres because they guarantee candidates good exam results through connivance of rogue exam invigilators and supervisors, corrupt school officials, corrupt officials of exams bodies, and other collaborations that provide answers to exams questions to students after payment of bribes.
Special centres have virtually destroyed Nigeria’s Post Primary Public examination systems conducted by Public Examination Boards like WAEC, NECO, JAMB and NABTEB. Magic centres are thriving because it is a highly lucrative criminal enterprise that is virtually risk free. At the end of every examination, Examination Boards announce the cancellation of hundreds of thousands of result on account of mass cheating planned, facilitated and executed by exam fraud syndicates. Announcements are made about schools that have been derecognized as Exam Centres. Yet the individuals are left to   smile to the bank with their loot. Worse still, they are encouraged to continue with their illicit activity through a conspiracy of silence. There is no single report of arrest and prosecution of any magic centre operator.”

Exam Ethics further said; “It is our considered opinion that the Sunday Punch story of November 8, 2015, provides enough evidence for arrest and prosecution of members of the NOBOs syndicate.

  • Fake ID cards and fake uniforms were supplied and used to facilitate impersonation.
  • Officials of NECO and NSCDC assigned to the centre to ensure that malpractices were not perpetuated turned blind eye and allowed mass cheating to take place.

Exam Ethics discovery showed that it is all about money  and extortion, as it stated that all members of the syndicate involved in the NODOS saga including the Proprietors , Principals, Teachers, Exam supervisors, invigilators, security officers, Photographers, etc are united by one objective: to make money. The Punch reporter made the following payments.

  • N30,000 (registration fee).
  • N400 (photography).

N4,000 (biometric capture paid into Emmanuel’s Union Bank account on May 13, 2015).

  • N500 (Biodata registration )
  • N2,000 (inducement to exam coordinator)
  • N100 (inducement to invigilator)
  • N300 (for late coming),
  • At least N800 (inducement to subject teachers).

According to Exam Ethics it said; “QUESTIONS BEGGING FOR ANSWERS are these:

  • How come that mass cheating of this magnitude escaped the attention of NECO examiners?
  • How come that NECO Registrar, Abdulrashid Garba, announced on September 10, 2015 that list of schools which were involved in Exam Malpractice have been Blacklisted and the results of students who wrote in such centre’s have been cancelled without mentioning NODOs?. The result of Tobi Aworinde who went undercover as Oluwatosin Joseph Adedayo was duly released, NECO awarded him: English language B3; Mathematics C4; Civic Education C5; Biology C5; Christian Religious Studies C5; Government C4; Economics C5.
  • How come the NECO Registrar did mention any of the blacklisted schools or any of those involved in aiding and abetting the mass cheating?

The Punch report can be accessed using the following link We encourage you to take action on this petition as Exam Malpractice has more dangerous consequences than treasury looting. It is a matter of life and death that leads to the production of certificated and licensed assassins, it stated.