Aflon has both day and boarding students. Been a student in Aflon is an enriching experience with a lot of curricular and co-curricular activities designed to prepare students for not just the local economy but the global economy.

Our boarding facilities are state of the art with alternate source of power, water filtration systems, and recreational facilities and it offers real comfort to our teeming boarding population.

EVENTS - Thinking Students'

Thinking Students Essay Competition was launched in 2013. It was established to make students think deeply and learn about an issue that affects their lives now and in the future. Every term, a question would be asked and students would be required to study on their own, talk to anybody, gather facts and learn a lot as much as possible about the issue. Students in Primary 6, Junior Secondary Class 1 to 3 and Senior Secondary Classes 1 to 3 would be participants.

The essay writing session is to last one (1) hour under examination conditions on a set date each term. The first edition was held on 2nd of November, 2013 with the theme, ‘WHY BUILD?’ Consecutively, all other editions carry educative themes that inspires and ignite a fire of knowledge inside of the students.

students walking


VSAT: In accordance with our ICT disposition, we have installed VSAT facilities in our school to provide 24 hours’ internet services for our students learning and research purposes. Consequently, we reiterate the need for students to optimally utilize all these while in the school boarding house. In order to achieve this, we created Moodle for each student to have access to internet during their stay in school.


Our approach to Library Services is a radical departure from the norm in Nigeria. We are utilizing the Internet as the source of all possible academic and educational information that is most current and timely. While some books would be kept as exhibits to help our students gradually acclimatize to the world of Electronic books.


Our secondary class students began using computers to undertake tests and exams from September, 2013. 

“ I can say Aflon is my world because I joined AFLON in Nursery 2 and now I am in Senior Secondary 2 and the experience has been amazing. ”

Treaure Bellgam

“ Been in Aflon four years. 80% of what I know today was imparted to me at Aflon Digitial Academy. I joined Aflon Digital Academy in Junior Secondary 2, I met my best friend here and am always having the best sports experience. I flopped in football before I joined Aflon but now I am a better player. ”

Oluwatayo Akintunde

“ My School, Aflon digital Academy has helped me since I was in JSS1. The school has exposed me and the entire student population to activities that have been of tremendous help to academic life. We have our sporting activities that help in physical development on Wednesdays. We have guidance and counseling sessions where the counselor educates us on friendship, relating with teachers and career choices, and also advise us on important roles we can play in the society.”

Favour Edino

“ Aflon Digital Academy is a special school. I have been in Aflon since I was in primary school. We are being taught by good teachers. What I love the most are the educational camp activities that involve both teachers and students every year. Our labs are fully functional and we get to practice what we are learning. ”

Gretchen Ndukwe

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