Mission Statement

Aflon Digital Academy (ADA) is a model school for the application of computer science in education. We wish to make it possible for each student to develop his or her full potential in all spheres of human endeavour based on the application of technology. We intend to do this within the context of a sound academic structure, a secure and stimulating environment for all students, regardless of sex, creed or race.

We started our journey on Monday, January 10, 2005 with Mr Dan Opoku as the Head Teacher. By the end of the first term; we were 65 students strong. In March 2020 we are now 457 students with 74 staff.

In the advent of Creativity Age, technical subjects of tailoring, bricklaying, hairdressing, vulcanising, etc. have become quite inadequate. Our new approach to offering secondary education is to offer additional subjects in line with our vision for imparting technological skills that are not yet common in Nigeria. In addition to the usual basic science subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, TTC students will learn diverse skills needed to establish businesses, be creatively employable or be fully prepared for university education. The new subjects being introduced at Junior and Secondary school levels are as follows:

  • Junior Secondary School
  1. Technology & Digital Literacy
  2. Electrical/Electronics & Computer Technology
  • Senior Secondary School
  1. Web Programming & Multimedia Technology
  2. Electrical/Electronics & Mechatronics


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