We want children at Aflon to learn, to lead and to make a difference

We have very high academic standards. Even then, we still aim to do much better. Our courses are based on the National and International Curricula, but with a flexibility that puts the child’s needs first.

Our teachers ensure their lessons are lively, child-centered, and involving which helps students enjoy learning.



We are unique in our system of building a reading culture in students through the use of the internet, interactive board, projectors, and other modern teaching aids. Teachers’ lesson notes are regularly checked by their HODs to avoid repetition of obsolete notes. A special class is created for students with learning deficiencies to properly address their educational needs. Examinations are conducted under strict examination rules as no form of exam malpractice is allowed in the school. Students are taught to place their integrity above any other gains.

Like JAMB, ADA to use Computer-based Testing

The world is gradually doing so much online these days. It is a very positive development that the government has adopted Computer-Based Testing (CBT) for future Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examinations. Aflon Digital Academy has done the same. We have acquired the software and the expertise to use computers for the conduct of tests in our school.

We have just conducted a pilot test, and the outcome is quite positive. It is a wonder why we have not tried out this option a long time ago. Change is definitely here with us, and ADA is part of the change: always striving for the very best. Our students will now undergo aptitude testing on weekly basis, without overloading the teachers.

In the long run, ADA will set up an online school that will provide distance learning service to anyone across Nigeria. The setup of Aflon Virtual School is gradual progressing. It is a matter of time.


In addition to classroom teaching, a part of student’s life is continuous excursions to places and institutions around us in the FCT. All students in the secondary classes were on excursion to the Model Skills Training Centre of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) at Maitama, Abuja. Over a 4-day period, the students were at the Electrical/Electronics and Mechatronics laboratories seeing at first hand industrial equipment as utilized in industry.


At Aflon, we do all things to promote the very best of excellence in all spheres. But we have special focus on academic performance of our students. We keep track of examination results and give information to our students. This is to encourage students to work hard towards being the best in their classes. By listing those that have done and are doing very well, we wish other students to be encouraged to do better and have the hopes of being listed here also in the nearest future.

Tracking of Prize Winners Progress

Since 2008, we have been keeping records of annual winners of prizes at the end of each session. Click on the links below to view these information

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