Our Facilities Overview

School Location & Facilities

Aflon Education Centre is developed on a 6 Hectares of Land—Plot No. CP 9, 11, & 12, Cadastral Zone AA2, Sector Centre B, along Nigeria Customs Barracks Road, behind NNPC Petrol Station, Kuje. Kuje itself is off the expressway to Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja. 

Three classroom blocks including Science and Technology laboratories are already completed. We have Events Hall with seating capacity for 800 persons.

Hybrid Inverters, With Surge Protectors

We have built a Technology Learning Centre through which four (4) new subjects are going to be part of our Junior and Senior Secondary School curriculum. On August 20, 2019, we commissioned and started using the Green Energy/Solar Power facility that was built on our campus. It comprises 102 Solar Panels, 40 Kva Hybrid Inverters and 60 KwH Tesla Batteries. Except for just one hour on Saturday afternoons, during which boarders iron their clothes, we no longer need PHCN supply or electricity by generators. We are therefore quite ready for the computerisation of educational instruction as envisaged.

Boarding Facilities

Aflon Digital Academy offers a vibrant, nurturing, family-style environment that strives to cater for each child’s well-being, encourage his/her growth and uniqueness and supports him/her to become a happy, responsible individual.
Boarding System at Aflon Digital Academy provides a safe, caring atmosphere ideal for both intellectual and emotional growth. The aim is to foster a lively, happy community that operates from a stable base where the feeling of belonging to a large family is important. Boarders learn how to live, work and play in a community environment, sharing experiences with people of their age who originate from many different countries and cultural backgrounds.

Hostel Accomodations & Food House

Boarding is an integral part of life at the school. Boarders enjoy an excellent standard of accommodation, readily available educational and sporting facilities and the chance to enjoy all the opportunities of school life to the utmost.
Perhaps the most important of these opportunities is the time spent building friendships, which will hopefully endure throughout their time at the school and their lives beyond it.
Living in a residential setting is entrusted with personal and community responsibility. By assuming this responsibility and holding themselves accountable for their choices, students learn the value of being a contributing member of a caring community.

Academic Library

Our academic library is readily equipped with current books frequently used by students and teachers to support learning and teaching needs.
Because we are a digital school, we have also installed an automation library software system to harness digital library resources such as eBooks, audiovisuals, videos which also helps to improve students’ learning experience.

IT Lab

At Aflon Digital Academy, we consider technology top-notch.
Our IT lab is state of the art with numerous interconnected computer systems and projectors.
Our students are versatile in desktop publishing and computer programming and can use the computer to carry out a lot of tasks.

Boarding House Items
1 Blanket 1


2 Coverlet 1 Cover Clothes 1
3 School Shoes (Black) 2 Pairs

School Shoes (Black)

2 Pairs

4 Training Shoes (Sports)

2 Pairs

Training Shoes (Sports)

2 Pairs

5 Socks (White)


Socks (White)


6 Hangers (Plastic) 12

Hangers (Plastic)

7 Complete Traditional Wear, native to students 1

Complete Traditional Wear, native to students

8 Bath Towel 2

Bath Towel

9 Pants (White) 6

Pants (White)

10 Singlet (White) 6 White Bra (Conditional) 5
11 Handkerchiefs (White) 12 Sanitary Pad (Conditional) 4
12 Shoe Brush 1

Shoe Brush

13 Shoe Polish (Black) 1

Shoe Polish (Black)

14 Swimming Trunks 1

Swimming Suit

15 School Bag 1

School Bag

16 Bucket (Plastic) 1 Bucket (Plastic) 1
17 Padlock (Small) 1

Padlock (Small)

18 Pyjamas 2 Night Gowns 2
19 Drinking Cup 1 House Coats 1
20 Outing Dress 1 Outing Dress 1
21 Outing Shoes 1 Pair Outing Shoes 1 Pair
22 Medical Report 1 Medical Report 1
23 Bathroom Slippers 1 Pair Bathroom Slippers 1 Pair
24 Swimming Towel 1 Swimming Towel 1
25 Toiletries 1 Toiletries 1
26 Napkin (for dusting) 2 Napkin (for dusting) 2
27 Personal Clipper 1
28 Bath Bowl (about 6 diameter) 1

Bath Bowl (about 6 diameter)

29 Laundry soap/Detergent

Laundry soap/Detergent

30 Scrubbing Brush 1

Scrubbing Brush

31 Black Sandals 1 Black Sandals 1
32 Pillows 1 Pillows 1
33 Padlock/Key Holder 2 Padlock/Key Holder 2
34 Nail Cutter 1 Nail Cutter 1

At a Glance

  • Classrooms

  • Music Rooms

  • Art Rooms

  • Cafeteria

  • Snack bar

  • Science Lab

  • Library

  • Multipurpose Hall

  • Computer Lab

  • Track and Field

  • Elementary School Playground

  • Early Childhood Playground

  • Swimming Pool

More Great Facilities

  • Adequate security (Police officers, security wired fence)
  • Standby Generator/Solar Panels (Alternative Power Source)
  • Water filtration system
  • Ecofriendly earthen bricks
  • Recreational facilities (Football, Volleyball and Basketball court)
  • IT Lab equipped with over 30 sets of Computers and Projector
  • Moodle Access for each student (That is each student gets an access to the internet for specific period in a term)
  • Well maintained toilet facilities
  • Comfortable hostel accommodation
  • Standard kitchen facilities with dining hall for the students
  • Beautiful walkways
  • Informative wallpapers along class corridors to inspire the students