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About our Technology Teaching Plans

It has taken quite some time to execute work on our plans to introduce new subjects to our school. Being about the building of a new facility, we seem unable to hurry sunrise. Happily, we are nearing the complete set up of our planned facility. All are welcome to visit our school compound, in order to appreciate the changes

The building to house the planned Technology Learning Centre is now ready. We are placing orders for Thin Client Computers, Inverters and additional solar panels that will ensure that electricity supply is regular and on a sustainable basis.

Last week, we made a 50% deposit in favour of Messrs FESTO DIDATIC of Germany. This was for the supply and installation of learning equipment for

  • STEM Electronics
  • STEM Electricity
  • STEM Exploratory Mechatronics
  • Mindsight Learning Content Management System

We are also subscribing to Solid Edge Computer Aided Design and Blender, both that we enable us to expose our students to modelling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation.

In a nutshell, our students are up to a very interesting time, while acquiring skills that will stand them in good stead for years into the future. I am so happy about the changes we have made in the course of 2019. The effect will be apparent for years to come.

We invite you all to our world at Aflon Digital Academy/The Technology College. Help us spread the news about Aflon to friends and family. As you may be aware, we reward everyone that bring new students for admissions.

Best wishes to everyone.


Executive Director