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Science Magazines – General

  • 21st Century Science and Technology Magazine challenges the assumptions of modern scientific dogma, including quantum mechanics, relativity theory, biological reductionism, and the formalization and separation of mathematics from physics.
  • American Scientist Features articles written by prominent scientists and engineers, reviewing important work in fields that range from molecular biology to computer engineering.
  • Cosmos Australian magazine covering science from many angles: art, design, travel, interviews, humour, history and opinion.
  • Discover Magazine Explores all areas of science from archeology to ecology, technology to medicine, and astronomy to physics.
  • Fortean Times Monthly magazine of news, reviews and research on strange phenomena and experiences, curiosities, prodigies and portents.
  • Geotimes News magazine for the earth and environmental sciences published by the American Geological Institute.
  • Guru Bi-monthly magazine targeted toward a more general reader, offering articles on current affairs, news and features from a scientific slant.
  • Home Power Magazine Learn how you can use solar, hydro-electric, or wind energy to provide your home or business with electricity.
  • Ispectrum Magazine Bi-monthly digital magazine that includes news and features, engaging headlines, fascinating stories and facts from all over the world.
  • Issues in Science and Technology Forum for discussion of public policy related to science, engineering, and medicine.
  • Natural History Magazine of science, nature, and culture. The Web site includes selections from the current issue, editors’ Picks from the Past, blog, and information for subscribers.
  • Nature One of the most popular scholarly websites with science news, features and analysis, blogs and multimedia specials. Publisher of many science magazines and journals.
  • New Scientist Provides daily science and technology news from around the world. Regular sections include interviews with high-profile personalities, essays, book reviews and bestseller lists.
  • Popular Science Covers the latest developments in electronics, communications, cars, tools, aviation, space exploration, science, energy, photography and technology.
  • net Reports on science and technology with particular relevance to sustainable development and the needs of developing countries.
  • Science Daily Online magazine covering the latest discoveries in science and technology. News articles are selected from news releases submitted by leading universities around the world.
  • Science Magazine Provides news stories, research reports, and commentary articles in a searchable database, enhanced by additional information, links, and multimedia.
  • Science News Weekly news magazine covering the most important research in all fields of science.
  • com News, views, and interviews from David Bradley, freelance science writer and journalist.
  • Scientific American Provides the latest news and features on science issues that matter including earth, environment, and space.
  • Seed Magazine looks at big ideas in science, important issues at the intersection of science and society, and the people driving global science culture.
  • Skeptic Magazine devoted to promoting scientific skepticism and resisting the spread of pseudoscience, superstition, and irrational beliefs.
  • Smithsonian Magazine Explores lifestyles, cultures, people, science and technology. Includes photo essays and in-depth articles highlighting current Smithsonian museum exhibits.
  • World Science News site aimed at timely reporting of global science developments not always covered in the general media.


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