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Science Magazines – Astronomy

  • Astronomer Magazine for the advanced amateur. Dedicated to publishing all observations of astronomical interest as soon as possible after they are made.
  • Astronomy Popular astronomy magazine features the latest astronomical discoveries and how one can observe the wonders of the universe. Includes monthly sky chart, features on equipment, and techniques for the amateur or more experienced stargazer.
  • Astronomy and Space Irish magazine containing news from space and the heavens, as well as articles of enduring interest and a list of the events coming to a sky near you.
  • Astronomy Now Leading UK astronomy magazine covering subjects such as observing, cosmology, history of astronomy and space science. Includes readers’ astronomical images, book reviews and articles for those just getting started in astronomy.
  • Astronomy Technology Today Magazine devoted entirely to the astronomy products and the people and companies that produce them.
  • Dave’s Astronomy Magazine Offers articles, reviews, photography and CCD images.
  • Meteorite Times Online magazine with articles about the world of meteorites as seen through the eyes of meteorite collectors and dealers. Contains meteorite news and photography.
  • Night Sky Observer Website for amateur astronomers listing up-to-date astronomy and space news. Also home of the LunarPhase Pro and JupSat Pro astronomy software.
  • Sky and Telescope Magazine featuring astronomy and space science news, observing tips, equipment advice, test reports, celestial calendar, more.
  • SkyNews Canadian magazine of astronomy and stargazing. Contains star charts and maps, listings of Canadian astronomy clubs, photos, more.
  • StarDate Online Features non-technical information about astronomy and space exploration, including stargazing tips, FAQs, sky almanac, solar system guide, and K-12 teacher resources.