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IT Magazines – General


  • The Guardian – Online is the Web version of the “Online” supplement to Thursday’s Guardian. It contains lots of interesting articles about how technology and ICT are changing the world we live in.
  • The Independent – Digital from the Independent newspaper focuses on how businesses in the UK and worldwide are using ICT. There are some good articles here that might help with “Technology and Society” projects.
  • BBC Science has a lot of general interest science and technology information, mostly linked to BBC programmes like Horizon and Tomorrow’s World. Go to the Webguide area for links to interesting Web sites and other BBC learning areas like Webwise and the ASGuru (a site for students studying at AS level).
  • Behind the Headlines takes a topic in the news and provides access to resources from the Resource Discovery Network to help you find out more about it.


  • Computer Shopper Guide to the dollar-wise computer deals. Find reviews, top products, technology deals and more.
  • Computer User Provides tech videos, reviews, news on software, hardware, gadgets, more.
  • Computerworld Covers news from the IT manager’s perspective with a broad analytical view of how that news affects the daily operations of technology enterprises.
  • Computor Companion Computer magazine edited to instruct, inform, and entertain beginning to intermediate computer users.
  • Custom PC Magazine for PC enthusiasts with a passion for performance hardware and customisation.
  • InfoWorld Provides IT news, blogs, reviews and conferences covering all aspects of information technology including computer networking and security.
  • Laptop Magazine Reviews the latest mobile tech products and provides expert buying advice, plus industry news.
  • Laptopical Opinions about laptops and notebooks, includes computer reviews and comparison information.
  • MacLife Provides news and analysis about the Apple Macintosh and iPod. Features daily blogs and a wide range of how-to articles and podcasts.
  • MacUser UK Mac magazine providing buying advice, reviews, news and practical features.
  • Macworld Features Apple, Mac, iPod, and iPhone news, reviews, tps and discussion.
  • Maximum PC Magazine for savvy PC users, with reviews, lab tests, and original do-it-yourself content.
  • PC Magazine Complete guide to PC computers, peripherals and upgrades. Reviews of computer and Internet related products, reports on technology news and trends, shopping advice and price comparisons.
  • PC Magazine Middle East Monthly magazine covering computer and internet industry news and updates in the Middle and Near East.
  • PC Pro Major UK computer magazine. Provides labs-based reviews, entertaining features and advice from consultants.
  • PC User Australia’s premiere source of technical information for home, school and small business computer users.
  • PC World Popular computer magazine offering advice on various aspects of PC and related items. Features monthly Top 100 PC and product rankings, evaluations and ratings, tips, how-tos, step-by-step guides, and more.
  • Personal Computer World UK magazine for independent computer advice. Covers E-Commerce, communications, personal computing and security issues.
  • Smart Computing Source for computer troubleshooting, error messages, common problems and installation tips.
  • Tech Wayz Latest smartphones and tablets updates as well as other related news.
  • Computing is a weekly ICT newspaper you can buy in most newsagents. Their Web site contains all the stories that appear in the printed version, plus access to past articles.
  • Computer Weekly is another ICT newspaper available in newsagents. This Web site contains even more information than is available in the printed version.
  • PC Plus is a good monthly computer magazine. The Web site contains information about the current month’s issue and allows you to access a few articles. To get the most out of the magazine though, you need to subscribe or buy/borrow a copy.
  • Smartcomputing is an American computer magazine. The Web site contains a database of past articles, but if you want access to everything here you have to subscribe to the magazine.
  • Computer Arts is a great magazine if you’re into computer graphics. The Web site contains loads of tutorials and software to download free of charge, but like the two magazines above, if you want to get the most from this resource you need to buy/borrow the magazine.