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Electronic Learning – Technology

  • ADUniWhile the ArsDigita program is no longer going on, learners can still take advantage of the course resources used.
  • CourseraCoursera, one of the most notable purveyors of MOOCs, offers numerous courses in technology from leading professors at Stanford, Columbia, and Georgia Tech.
  • edXIf you enjoy MIT’s OCW collection, then check out the school’s online course collaboration with Harvard, boasting dozens of free online courses in everything from biology to artificial intelligence.
  • Free Courseware Project Information Systems:The University of the Western Cape makes it easy to take courses in Information Systems with offerings addressing Java and PHP programming.
  • Google Course BuilderTired of just taking online courses? Why not make your own? Google makes it possible by providing the code to power online courses.
  • Oxford Internet InstituteWebcasts from the University of Oxford can educate on all things Internet-related.
  • Paris TechParis Tech might be located in France, but the open resources it offers for learning, including courses in programming, computer architecture, and computer science, are in English.
  • SofiaOn Sofia, learners can take courses on Flash, Webpage authoring, network security, and Java programming.
  • Tokyo TechThe Tokyo Institute of Technology is a smart place to look for free educational resources on technology. Currently, the site houses notes from 164 courses and 16 video recordings.
  • UdacityAnother high-profile MOOC provider, Udacity offers hi-tech courses in topics like Web development, game development, and AI.
  • W3 SchoolsIf you’re aiming to learn how to program, visit this site for tutorials in every kind of programming language used today.
  • Wolfram Demonstrations Project:Head to Wolfram’s Demonstration Project to use interactive tools that help explain a wide range of technology and science principles.