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Electronic Learning – Fine Arts

  • Art, Metaphor, and LifeTake advantage of a free course from Sauk Valley Community College on this site, though it’s also home to an amazing list of resources for learning about all things arts and humanities.
  • BBC SingWant to learn how to sing? The BBC has brought together a wealth of tutorials and videos to help you belt it out with the best of them.
  • Berklee SharesThe Berklee College of Music offers up a number of free music lessons online that can help budding musicians and vocalists hone their skills.
  • MIT Music and Theater Arts:Explore musical structures, harmony, hip hop, playwriting, lighting design and a host of other fine art topics through MIT’s OCW project.
  • Studio Art at CapilianoWhile Capiliano’s OCW project is hardly limited to art alone, it’s noteworthy for being one of the only to offer studio art course materials.
  • Yale History of ArtYale offers free courses in art history, though currently there is only one available, covering Roman Architecture.