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Electronic Learning – Economics & Business

  • LSE Event TranscriptsGet transcripts from lectures and events at the London School of Economics from 1999 up until the present day.
  • Professional Education, Testing, and Certification Organization International:PEOI has hundreds of courses in the works, but currently only offers a handful in business and economics topics.
  • SBA Learning CenterThe Small Business Association offers loads of resources for budding entrepreneurs on their site, including courses, videos, and texts on business.
  • Sloan School of Management OCWMIT isn’t just a great place to learn about STEM; the school’s OCW project also offers a wealth of courses in business and economics.
  • The Free Nonprofit Micro-eMBAThose working in nonprofits, or who hope to, should take advantage of the learning modules here. They’re designed to help with management, fundraising, taxes, and leadership in the nonprofit sector.

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