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Web Resources

The Internet has become the point of contact with all knowledge available to humanity. The library buildings of old are giving way to web-based resources. In this section of our website is a window for anyone desirous of having access to resources for teaching and learning. The resources are in the following categories:

  • Newspapers and Magazines – this is a one spot link to the websites of the major newspapers of the world and magazines on various issues that may be of interest.
  • Electronic Learning Sites – this is a collection of websites offering various courses that are generally free of cost. If you are already on this page, then you already have what it takes to benefit from the learning resources that are freely available to everyone across the world.

Are you Internet Literate ?

In order to derive maximum benefit from the resources put together on this site, you must be Internet literate. The State University of New York has excellent learning resources suitable for beginners. Among the topics that should interest you are: