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Why Think ? – 3rd Prize Winning Essay by Maryam JAMIU (JSC1)

Gather all successful people from all walks of life and what would they have in common? The way they think! You too can think as they do and revolutionize your work and life. Thinking is defined by the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary Sixth Edition as the opinion you have about someone or something.  Thinking has its own meaning as shown below:

  T__ Talent

  H__ Honest

  I__ Insight

 N__ Nice

  K__ Knowledge

 Thinking is not worry; worry is to keep thinking about unpleasant things that might happen or about problems that you have. Thinking is important in its two divisions:

  • Inductive Thinking and
  • Deductive Thinking

Inductive reasoning is to have idea about things, while deductive reasoning is the ability to make use of knowledge to present things/ facts that are true. According to P.M Barman, “if I shoot the sun, I may hit a star;” meaning that when you think of something and decide to try it, you may succeed.

 The famous Nelson Mandela thought and wrote “Of what Joy is it to me if I am a Prince, my people are still caged”? In the Apartheid era, it was only the white people that were allowed to rule because of the feeling that they were superior. Nelson Mandela had this thought in his mind before he embarked on his rescue mission.

 The famous Mary Slessor who stopped the killing of twins also had this thought “Of what Joy is it to me as a woman if I give birth to twins and they are taken away from me, my mind would never be at rest”. Today her name is kept alive over her initiative for the people of Calabar. Thanks to her efforts, schools were founded; babies and twins saved from death, regular drunkenness, and killings became a thing of the past. Early men also thought when by accident they discovered crop cultivation as they tried to hide their food from the unknown enemy. It was their good thought that brought about roasting, boiling and cooking of food.

The destructive thinking is used by terrorist groups to destroy the world.

The first Nyanya bomb blast occurred when a BoKo haram member came to the park with a car, and the security personnel ordered him to move his car elsewhere because the EL-Rufa’i Park was for buses and not for small cars. The Boko haram member brought a thousand Naira (#1000) which he used to calm the security personnel. Afterward, the Boko haram member said he would like to use the public convenience and ran away.

The Chibok girls were kidnapped through this way. The Boko haram members came in two groups. One of the two groups went to Chibok town while the other group went to the school. The group that went into the town started parading, while the group that went to the school claimed they were sent by the state government to rescue them, of course who wouldn’t like to be safe. They all jumped in, this is a result of destructive thinking.

 In the football, thinking is also needed to outwit your opponent and win a match. The Goal-keeper thinks of how to stop the ball from crossing the goal-line, the Defenders must stop the opposing Attackers from getting into positions to score and the Mid-fielders must think of how to pass the ball to the Attackers.

As a medium of exchange; we started using cowries, from cowries we gradually migrated to where we are. It was good thinking that led to evolution of paper money. In the barter system, different goods were exchanged for other products at various times. However, modern man has abandoned the barter system of exchange and started the use of paper money. Today we have banks where we deposit our money. Without thinking we wouldn’t have known that we need bank services. When we have our money with us, it encourages wastage and theft.

Thinking now helps us positively, we now have computer where we store data. Computer is a product of good thinking. It is an electronic device that stores information and uses program to help find, organise or change information. A lot is learnt from the internet which has made the world a global village.

Through thinking we now sit in our rooms and get to know about other countries. We stay in our sitting rooms to listen and watch great leaders like Barak Obama and David Cameron as they perform their duties.

Thinking is wonderful, without it we wouldn’t have known that we need more industries to checkmate unemployment. Without thinking we wouldn’t have known that self- employment is needed, because when you are self-employed you don’t need to wake up in the morning and in a tearing hurry to work. Thinking is also important because without it we couldn’t have known that oil thefts affect us.  Also, students need to think a lot to pass exams and develop appropriate reading strategy to match their abilities. Good thinking is needed in schools, hospitals, businesses, etc.

Michael Faraday who invented Bulb was a good thinker. The famous writer Chinua Achebe, born in 1923, thought “If I write many books which are meaningful, my legacy shall last forever.” Parents thought before sending their children to first-class schools.

Entertainers require thinking to know which activity would interest viewers. Teachers also need thinking to know the appropriate teaching methods that would help the students. Thinking is light, if not for it many people could have been lost and we would be depraving instead of improving, retrogressing instead of progressing.