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Why Think ? – 2nd Prize Winning Essay by Olufemi OJEYEMI (SSC1)

Life’s a blast! Why?  You get to bring out the best in you by thinking. Just by thinking, you could go into different levels, places and all sorts of things that will truly tell you how and why life is a blast by thinking. According to research, thinking has been defined as a system or an act of reasoning with the human brain in order to achieve a particular thing. Well, before you could really go into your dream places in life, you just don’t think, you ‘think big’. In life, there were many people who made ‘life a blast’ by thinking big, we have Ben Carson, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and so many more. These people are what the term ‘thinking big’ really explains and through them we would know how and why to think big.

First of all, the term ‘THINK’ inspires you to think big. ‘T’ stands for ‘talent’, meaning that a good thinker has a talent and some people considered thinking a talent. ‘H’ stands for ‘honesty’, a good thinker has to be honest from every aspect to make life a blast. ‘I’ stands for ‘insight’ which means enlightenment of a person, able to look beyond your wildest imagination. ‘N’ stands for the term ‘nice’. A good thinker, with a good ambition to enjoy life should be polite rather than being arrogant and impolite. This means that when you are nice, you have a clear mind for thinking instead of a mind full of bitterness. Finally, ‘K’ stands for knowledge and therefore, a thinker, has to gain knowledge through reading.

Why not learn all that you can from good thinkers who have faced similar situation in the past? John Galsworthy wrote ‘if you don’t get close enough to a problem you can’t tackle it. If you don’t take a realistic look at your dream and what it will take to accomplish it you will never achieve it.’

The process of realistic thinking begins with doing your homework. You must first get the facts. Chester Bowles, former Governor, Congressman and Ambassador, said “when you approach a problem, strip yourself of preconceived opinions and prejudice, assemble and learn the facts of situation, make the decision which seems to you to be honest, and then stick to it.” It doesn’t matter how sound your thinking is, if it is based on faulty data or assumptions. You can’t think well in the absence of facts.

After you have gained the concept of the term ‘THINK’, you can therefore start thinking big like Ben Carson. As we all know, Ben Carson has been one of the greatest inspirer about ‘thinking big’. He was just a young child who was dumb but when inspiration came, he grew up to be a scientist. His inspiration was to think big. Now, thinking big is not just thinking based on what you want to do but thinking beyond yourself, having faith in what you do in order to accomplish great things. Thus, men like Ben Carson should be reviewed over and over to find inspiration in what we do.

In summary, enjoy your life to the fullest because you never know what could happen as a result of thinking and not just thinking but thinking big to accomplish certain goals even better than scientists like Ben Carson, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Bill Gates.

Furthermore, live life to the fullest by making it a blast through thinking big. Remember, ‘T.H.I.N.K’ is the principle to success in life.