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Why Study ? – 2nd Prize Winning Essay by Lois EGBE (SSC1)

According to Theobald Smith (1859-1934), a U.S Pathologist, “Research is fundamentally a state of mind which involves continual, re -examination upon which our current thoughts and actions are based on.” Learning goes on forever and no knowledge is a waste.

The Longman Contemporary English Dictionary defines studying as a piece of work that is done in order to find out more about a particular subject or problem especially by yourself and when you are alone. There are so many reasons why we need to study.

One of the reasons why we must study is to widen and broaden our scope of horizon. Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors that had ever lived. Edison`s inventions were more than one thousand (1,000) which dramatically changed the lives of people and how they worked. His works included the inventions of record player, motion picture camera, etc. Edison’s famous saying was ‘’Genius is one (1%) percent inspiration and ninety-nine (99%) percent perspiration. Edison did not invent telephone but he started from where others stopped, he studied wider and broader and was able to improve the human communication system. The fact remains that people who read very much have some advantages over others (who don`t).

Another reason why we must study is to have knowledge. When we are knowledgeable, people recognize us highly in the community. Ben Carson a neurosurgeon as we all know grew up with his mother and brother, he did not know what it felt like to be advised by his father because his father abandoned him at childhood. Ben struggled to be the best but couldn`t. Subsequently, he was teased by his classmate but encouraged by his diligent mother until he realised that he had potentials.  He learned how to unleash it until he excelled. Many of us have different potentials but we do not know because we don’t spend much time studying good books.

If we try to study and add more efforts, we can realise our ambition of becoming great people. We must not give up without a fight even if we had tried and failed in the past; keep on trying till we strive through because no one can fail forever.

Also, we need to study so that we might be useful to the society and improve on what our predecessors had left behind. Nothing last forever as the elders will pass on the baton some day and we would be the one to carry on their legacies. We are opportune because modern day technology has improved the quality of life of the man. We have a lot of resources to study; A man once said that ‘’there should be no excuses for failure whatever the situation.’’ this statement was made by a man who lost his sight at birth yet he was determined to help the society. It should be a challenge for us, who were born without any defect.

In addition to what I have written, when we study we are helping ourselves and not those around us. We study because we want to find solutions to societal problems and rise above our present challenges. We study so that we can conquer illiteracy but to do these, we need to go beyond mere speech making because actions speak louder than words. In order to achieve all these, we must be blind to every societal distraction and anything that would stop us from achieving our goals. When you apply your potential in the course of your study, you will realize that you are an additional person for the improvement of the country.