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Why Study ? – 3rd Prize Winning Essay by Ngozika OKONKWO (JSC2)

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, the word “why” is a conjunction that joins sentences, phrases and clauses together. It means the reason and purpose for doing something while the word “study”, can be defined as the activity of learning and gaining more knowledge, either by reading books, or examining things in the world. In terms of detailed examination, it can be defined as the act of considering and researching in details. It can also be said to be a room normally in a home where books are kept and reading and writing are done.

Study as learning can be defined as the act of reading, going to classes and attending school. Studying a particular course or subject in order to gain more and know more about that particular course. For example, l have been studying English Language for the past six years. Also, in term of examining carefully, it could mean to watch, look at something carefully, in order to know more about it.

Other definitions include: – looking at something in order to figure it out and to know how something came to existence. It could also be defined as the act of spending time reading, learning about someone, a country, or something.

The present continuous tense of the word “study” is known as “studying.” Studying can be said to be the process of learning, reading, with intent to remember, listening attentively, in order to memorize facts. One can study under any kind of conditions not minding his or her mental faculties, so the word study can be defined as putting aside all problems hindering you from studying no matter the numerous challenges.

Importance of studying

  • To have a bright future
  • To be able to solve problems that came your way
  • So that one would not be cheated
  • To be able to stand among your mates
  • To become independent
  • To be knowledgeable

Consequences of not studying

  • Low grades at school
  • One would become a failure in life.
  • One who doesn’t study doesn’t have any future.
  • The person will not be current in what is happening in the world.
  • The person can be duped and cheated
  • The person may become jobless
  • The person cannot be of help in any emergency situation
  • The person will not know how to solve problems that crosses his or her way.
  • The person will not be regarded and respected

Different types of study

  • Study in academics area: One can study and learn more about his academic subjects and go further in life by increasing his knowledge everyday bit by bit.
  • Self-study: One can study on his own without any help at home. This is known as self- study. It’s not really good because one may not understand clearly without a teacher.
  • Study a skill: One must not really be educated to become successful. If one can acquire a skill or learn a trade such as tailoring, he/she could become a fashion designer.
  • Study of peoples’ emotions and feeling:-You can study others to know when they are sad or happy.

Lastly, l would like to point out that anyone with an opportunity to study should be happy, because it’s not everyone in the world that has such a prospect to study.  Also, anyone with such a great opportunity should be thankful to God.

In conclusion, the answer to the question “why study” is numerous but can be narrowed to one single fact; we study to become great, informed, educated and well- read. As human being, we’ve come to know that learning never ends. We learn every day, we study things around us, we study the people around us, we study life and we study people around us in other to live peacefully with them. People’s character varies so we have to study them to know how they behave and relate.