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Why Study ? – 1st Prize Winning Essay by Sadiq NASIRU (SSC1)

The question “Why Study” has many answers. To study is very interesting because all the facts and answers to the question are all around us. Some people see studying as a boring and useless activity. No wonder very few succeed in the world. Some people are indeed literally “forced” to study, because they take studying as impossibility. It was unfortunate to have anyone, especially students at school having such a very bad attitude.

In fact the question should be “why not study” because studying is something we do in our daily life activities. It may be noticed or not noticed. The question, “why not study” should be a question to people who find it difficult to study.

Albert Einstein on one occasion said, “If you can’t say it in simple terms, then you don’t know it.” And this is actually “why not study” should be for those that are doomed to fail in life.

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 5th Edition, studying is defined as “use of time, focus and energy to find vital and important information about a particular thing.” It is also the exploration of the world and its components to find information which can be used to answer all questions of life and living. It was the great Nelson Mandela who said (that) “studying is a great key or weapon which we can use to change the world.” What a very accurate statement?

To study is not to merely look for facts, but to be focused on what we can learn about an object or subject. There are many famous scientists who have studied and are successful today, such that most of their discoveries have led to rapid development socially, politically and economically throughout the world.

 Dr. Ben Carson, a scientist in the field of neurosurgery is a shining example of and reason for anyone who wants to study and succeed. In one of his books, he had a practical quote which says; “Unleash your potentials for excellence.” In other to unleash our potentials, definitely we have to study and if we study with very great efforts, we will be a successful example to others.

The phenomena of studying have been proved to be a wide area which does not have definite categories. Ander Celsius was a famous scientist, who discovered the temperature at which various earths’ materials reach their boiling points. He is well known today for the Celsius temperature scale. This is an example of studying natural elements and observing their properties when heated up.

The Indian Mahatma Ghandi was also said to have advised all to “live as if you were to die tomorrow and study as if you were to live forever.” This implies that if we study, we will live as if we were to live forever because studying will enable us get new facts and ideas on how we will improve our lives and elongate our life span.

Studying is about working hard to find vital information about all issues of life. But it is not a quest for money or fame. It is about trying to improve the society’s well-being and advance human race. A journalist, who works for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said we should be blind in order to study owing to external distracting factors. Since studying is a mental exercise that involves meditation, it requires good and favourable environment.

The impact of studying in the society is that there has been a rapid development in all spheres of life, reduction in death rate, decrease in poverty, etc. In fact studying has led to a rapid increase in the welfare of people in every society and the world at large.

Studying also has led to a stage where the society no longer has health and security problems. Through studying most negative and anti-social behaviour like terrorism, armed robbery, prostitution and drug abuse has reduced in most countries.

In studying, there are different ways of achieving what you want if you are to study, you must ask yourself these questions:

Why am I studying?

What am I studying?

Where am I Studying?

 Answers to the questions above will determine the way you will study. Studying is not a game of cheat. There is a saying “What you sow, you will reap,” meaning if you study, you will succeed and otherwise, you won’t succeed. There is a reading technique called the “SQRRR”

The “S” Stands for – Survey

The “Q” Stands for – Question

The “R” Stands for – Read

The “R” Stands for – Recite

The “R” Stands for – Review

If you are studying and you survey your question, you will know ‘what’ you are studying. If you question what you are studying, you will know also ‘What’ you are studying. Also, if you read about what to study, you will know ‘why’ you are studying.  If you recite what you are studying, you will know or have an idea on what you are studying and when you review you will know what you have studied.

‘Studying’ is a key and “to study” is an action of knowing and having an idea on what you have studied and discovered. Studying has a wide field of information that I will want to talk about but to cut it short; if you can’t explain it simple, then you don’t know it. That is what studying simply means. One of the Bible verses says ‘if you sow in tears you will reap in Joy,’ meaning if you labour to study you will be happy to achieve success.

This essay has x-rayed scientist and their testimonies about what they have achieved through studying and also we have examined methods of studying. This is why the term ‘study’ is what everyone should be proud of, because of the impact it has on us.