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Why Build ? – 3rd Prize Winning Essay by Precious AYODELE (SSC2)

First and foremost, “build” means to construct by assembling and joining parts or materials (to build a house), to mould, form or create (to build boys into men), to establish, increase or strengthen (to build a business, to build one’s hope) and to assemble etc. Building can be expected in many ways. It is not only a house that can be built. There are other things we can build.

Firstly, we can build our hope – Hope means to have a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Hope is the state with desire of possible outcome related to events and to the world at large. From the definition of hope, how can we build our hope? We can build our hope by having good feelings and good desires of what will happen next. We should always aim at expecting good results. Anyone who is always having bad feeling and bad hope of himself/herself is destroying his/her building. So, we should learn to build our hope properly.

Secondly, we can build our trust – Trust is the belief that something is good, sincere, honest, etc. If you believe in your parents, it means that you also trust them in whatever they say. From this explanation of trust, how can we build our trust? We can build our trust by believing in our parents, teachers, Pastors, etc. As you believe in people, they will also trust you and believe in whatever you say and do. Some parents are not building the trust of their children. This has affected them negatively. Parents who do not teach their children their duties are guilty of neglect. So, we should learn to build our trust on others.

Thirdly, we can build our educational life- We can build our educational life by facing our studies very well and passing all the test and exams that is given to us. Some children’s educational lives are not built. Most of them waste their time watching television or surfing the internet. The youths have abandoned their studies for sports which have increased the number of school drop-outs in the country. So, parents should learn to build their children’s educational life by paying good attention to them when doing their assignments and reading for exams. Students should also learn to build our educational life.

Fourthly, we can build our future-: The future is one of the most important things that we should build. Anything we do now either good or bad will determine our future. It is our educational life that will decide our future. If our educational life is bad then our future may also be bad. That is why we need to be good students through hard work and pass all our exams so that we can have a bright future. Some people made wrong educational choice and they are living in regret. It is not too late. We can start building our future by passing all examinations. Life is a matter of fact. Your potential is a picture of what you can become. Inventor Thomas Edison remarked, “If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.”

Also, we can build our intelligence – We must build our intelligence through hard work and perseverance. We must shun all forms of mal-practice. If we have any difficulty in any topic, we should run to our teachers or parents for clarification and better understanding. With all this, we are building our intelligence and a better future.

Parents can build the life of their children – Parents should train their children and build their lives now. That is why we say ‘’ Charity begins at home ‘’. Any parent who is not training his/her child is destroying the future of the child. Parents should build their children physically and socially so that they can become great people.

Other things we can build are: We can build our brain, we can build for shelter, we can build to be one of the heroes in life, etc.

In conclusion, you will agree with me that there are things we need to build. An adage says ‘you have made your bed and you must lie in it.’ This means that you must accept the result of your actions. Therefore what you do will determine your future.