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Why Build ? – 2nd Prize Winning Essay by Jeremiah IWENDI (SSC3)

Why Build? When faced with such a question one would think it was rhetorical. This is due to the sheer ambiguity and high level of open-endedness provided by the two words. In order to understand it, we must break it in half, before re-assembling it. The main focus are the words “why” and “build.”

Furthermore, the Advanced Oxford Learner`s Dictionary, 8th Edition defines “why” as an adverb used to ask or talk about something, place, or reason of whatever it may be. Also, the same dictionary defines the term “build” as “to make or create something through a systematic, step-by-step process.”

Therefore, by putting the words “why build?” together, we are able to get “to ask about the reason or purpose to make or create something through a systematic process.” This is extremely ambiguous as we can build ourselves; social values, culture, careers, intelligence, moral or religious beliefs, and so on. However, l will be focusing this write- up on “why build our career, business and reputation?”

It takes twenty years to build a reputation, but only five minutes to ruin it – Warren Buffet. This was a quote made by one of the richest and most influential people in the world, as he knew how hard it was to build up something from nothing. With the rapid decline of jobs and high rates of unemployment that runs rampant in several part of the world, the only cure seems to be entrepreneurship. To build up oneself in a career is a great task as there are several reasons as to why one is to have a working job in the economy. To have a normal social standing, to earn a living income, to be productive to the economy, etc. – these are all reasons as to why people need to work up in a job. Most people believe that once you have a white-collar job in a smart business suit, you are successful. However, the fact is that most men in the sharp business suit work for men in T-shirts and jeans.

An example of such is Bill Gates, a billionaire who builds his empire from scratch and now has a net worth of 45 billion dollars, yet he barely goes to his office and makes that much money no matter his presence or absence from work. This brings me to my point of “why build up an entrepreneurship skill?” Why should I own a business rather than work under others? The answer to this question is relatively simple. It is simply to build up my own business and not to be content working for others, as while working for someone, you are making the person better and richer while we have the potential to do more.

One of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Africa, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, started building his career when he completed his primary school education. Dangote started out by building a small shack in which he sold his products such as matches and other items in order to acquire money to further his secondary school education. Along the way, he decided to build more and focused on creating, innovating and expanding, than he did on his school work. In the process, he showed dogged perseverance, before moving into the cement industry and began climbing the ladder to success.

Now, more than thirty years later, his firm and small time business became the largest cement producing factory in Africa, and he is now the richest and most successful entrepreneur that Nigeria has to offer. This is because he kept building, expanding, innovating, he didn`t listen to the advice of others to finish his secondary school education and enter the university, if he did, there would be no time needed for him to slowly but surely build his way to the top. Such is another reason we should build our minds using innovative ideas or come up with new ways of doing business.

Nevertheless, another great example would be Mark Zuckerberg. While still at Harvard University, Mark proposed a possible use of “Facebook” as a way of communication between students, teachers and staff alike. He was a young man with innovative ideas, always wanting to build and create new things. However, his plan did not gather much attention and was turned down but he did not give up. Instead, he upgraded his plans and dropped out of Harvard. Today, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest person in history to become a millionaire, and even those who had shut down his idea at Harvard are users of his well-known website, “Facebook.”

In order to build, we need to be creative and innovative for the sake of mankind. We build ourselves so as to improve on our careers. It is over one hundred times better to be an employer than an employee, as to truly build on our careers to reach its peak, we need to start small and end big. Dangote started out as a mere trader, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg both started out their climbs to success and built their careers when they dropped out of Harvard.

Sir Isaac Newton said that when he failed ninety- nine times, he merely found ninety-nine ways that didn’t work. Building one’s career starts off by building ones’ character, intelligence, mind and abilities. As the age old quote says “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

In conclusion, the question “why build?” has a never-ending stream of answers. It is to better oneself and become successful for the good and success of mankind and so on and so forth. Therefore, l believe that “building” is a fundamental part of mankind which cannot be underestimated in any way possible, as without “building” we would have no development, growth or technology. Building is a universal part of the world`s system.