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The staff of Aflon Schools are selected and appointed with emphasis on being professionals educators with demonstrable child—friendly attitudes. There is place only for those who have made lifelong commitment to teaching and nurturing young persons as a matter of vocation. For the lucky few that will be on the staff of Aflon, efforts will not be spared to institute policies and programmes that will fully cater for their welfare and those of their dependants, to enable them concentrate on the job of taking charge of pupils entrusted to their care.


  1. Mr, Michael ADEBOWALE, B.Sc Chem Eng (Maths), PGDE (in view)- Principal

Lower Primary Level

  1. Mrs. Okikola OYEWOLE, NCE (Head)
  2. Mrs Patience AMEH, NCE Eng/PES
  3. Mrs. Stella ARUGBONU, N.C.E (CRK/SOS)
  4. Mrs. Oluchi KALU, Grade II (NCE in view)
  5. Mrs. Theressa KAKO, NCE (Equivalent)
  6. Miss. Olayinka OLAYEMI, N.C.E (Geo/Econ)
  7. Mrs.  Gbemisola AYODELE, N.CE
  8. Miss. Olaide SOLUADE, NCE(Equivalent)

Upper Primary

  1. Mrs. Juliana ANYA, B.Ed Economics (Head)
  2. Mr. Godwin ALINA, NCE Maths/Integ. Sc.
  3. Mr. Iorza CHII, N.C.E(PES)
  4.  Miss. Cherechukwu EKE, B.Sc
  5. Mrs. Patience NWEKE, N.C.E (Agric Sc)
  6. Miss Chinenye OKEREKE, NCE PES/SOS
  7. Mr Ikuruvie RUSSELL, NCE Geo/SOS
  8. Mrs Nancy UKANGE, B.A. French

Secondary Level (Arts & Social Sciences)

  1. Mr. Emmason OBASI, Mr., B.A (Hons) Econs (Head)
  2. Mrs. Hauwa ABDULHAMEED, NCE Hausa
  3. Mrs.  Chioma ONWUEGBU, B.Sc English
  4. Mrs. Benedicta EZOMOH B.Sc English, PGDE
  5. Mr. Sani MUH’D, NCE (IRS)
  6. Mr. Sule MUSA, B.Ed (PHE)
  7. Mr. Rotimi VICTOR, B.Sc. (Accounting) PGDE
  8. Mrs. Ijeoma MADU, N.C.E CRS/SOS
  9. Mrs. Aminat  TAJUDEEN, B.Sc
  10. Mrs.  Adele KLOSS, NCE
  11. Mrs.  Ada IHEGBORO, B.Sc. French

Secondary Level (Sciences)

  1. Mr. Sunday OKWUNONKE, B.Sc Industrial Maths (Head)
  2. Mr, Michael ADEBOWALE, B.Sc Chem Eng (Maths), PGDE
  3. Miss. Fayokemi FANIMI, B.Sc Comp. Sci, PGDE, M.Sc in Information Technology
  4. Mrs,  Esther OMOSOGA, B.Sc Maths
  5. Mr. Oghenetega ODAFEOJIMOMOH, OND Comp. Sci.
  6. Mr. Moses USHIE, B.Sc. Bio/PGDE
  7. Mrs. Jennifer ANYASODOR, B.Sc Chemistry
  8. Mr.  Clement AGIMELEN, B.Sc
  9. Mr. Itua AIGBOKHAN, B.Sc, PGDE
  10. Mr.  Okeseya Romeo SIMA, B.Sc Mechanical Eng. PGDE

Extra-Curricula Activities

  1. Mrs. Olajumoke ROTIFA, B.Ed. SOS (Head)
  2. Mr. Dosu MAKANJU, B.A Eng. (PGDE in view)
  3. Mr. Samuel NACHE, B.Eng( Mech. Eng.) PGDE
  4. Mrs. Gloria OMEREJO, NCE Home Econs
  5. Mr. Emmason OBASI, Mr., B.A (Hons) Econs
  6. Mr Sunday OKWUNONKE, B.Sc Industrial Maths
  7. Mr. Moses USHIE, B.Sc. Bio/PGDE


  1. Mrs BasseyAKPAN, B.Sc (Head)
  2. Mrs. Saadat IBRAHIM,N.C.E (Equivalent), B.Sc, M.Sc