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ADA - Prefects 2015-2016 11-June-2015

One of our goals is to build leaders. For our children to be future leaders, the role modelling has to begin quite early. At Aflon, we are making efforts to involve our students in all planning and execution of both academic, extra-curricular and social activities.

It is for the above reason that we have now appointed prefects for 2015/2016 school year. Those chosen to perform various roles are listed below. The photograph on the left shows the faces of the students that will help in the administration of the affairs of the school.


Members of the Student’s Government for 2015/2016 Session

  1. Lois EGBE – School Head Girl
  2. Sadiq NASIRU – School Head Boy
  3. David ADGIDZI – Hostel Head Boy
  4. Precious FOMPUN – Hostel Head Girl
  5. Sa’abirah JIMOH – Socials
  6. Emmanuel OKOLI – Sports
  7. Esther OKONKWO – Library
  8. Patricia EHGEBAEDA – Sanitary
  9. Albashir UMAR – Time
  10. Yahaya ABDULKARIM – Laboratory