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Saturday Seminars

At Aflon, we seek to do new things. We aim to the best possible always. So we are starting a Programme of Seminars, Teachings and Lectures on Saturday mornings. Though it is designed for our students in the boarding house, but it is open to all our day students. And very importantly, it is open to students of other schools in Kuje and beyond within the FCT. Our school hall is well suited to accommodate everyone.

We also desire speakers from among our parents and their friends. Any member of the public can contact us to volunteer and speak on any topic or issue that should be of interest to our students. It could be a talent demonstration or a Story/Poem Reading for a life audience

The overall aim of these Saturday morning seminar activity is to help our students learn better and be fully informed about larger issues of life and living, while still young. It is about many issues of education and learning beyond the normal school syllabus.