Having tough time in academics?

I just have a feeling this may be useful here for some categories of students. Let me quickly share my story with you….the best sermon is one’s personal experience. I left secondary school in 2004. By 2005, I got admitted to a state university in Ekiti State. After two years of studies in Ekiti state, I discovered the program I was enrolled into was not accredited. To make the story worse, nearly all lecturers in the faculty of science avidly disliked everything about the program. It was called SLT then.

Consequently, they mark down our papers. Not only that, they called us all sorts of names like NFA, unfortunate students and the likes anyone who attended the university and did that course can attest to what I am saying. My dad happened to be a staff of the University, so I told him about the poor grades, everything I heard about the program and the intensity of the lecturer’s hatred for the program all to no avail. All he said was whenever students don’t want to read, they come up with different flimsy excuses so I kept mute.

After five years of my life in that school, my dad was made one of the board members of the faculty so he saw the whole results since the inception of the program. He saw so may spill over students from year 2000, and the fact that the program has not been accredited. I was in 500 level (final year) then with a lot of carry over courses…..carry over is not a big deal in that program….people had 15. It was so worse that from 300level, you can be so sure you are already a spill over student. My father saw how bad it was and he immediately invited me to his office for a meeting. He blamed himself for not listening to me when I complained 3 years earlier and he said he would want me to transfer immediately. That was how I took my transcript using his influence. I was the first person ever and possibly the last person to get a transcript from the program. I returned to 200level in another school entirely when I ought to graduate with maybe a third class or a pass.

I wasted 5years of my life in Ekiti state University and as a result, i was so sad and depressed. Merely sitting with my younger brother’s age mate turned my stomach in anger. Infact when I got to the new school, my own younger brother who I happened to be ahead of by 3years became my senior. The retrogression started affecting my grades such that attending classes became a burden. Along the line, I sat myself down and reasoned deeply about how my life has been. For crying out loud, I used to be one of the best students in secondary school. I was only unfortunate to have attended the wrong program in Ekiti. Though I wasn’t given any certificate despite the number of years spent but what about the life lessons I learnt?

From that day onward, I made a concrete decision to change my attitude towards my new classmates and I began to humble myself to a fault. Above all, I began to see my new school as the golden opportunity to start afresh again. My declining grades all of a sudden began to soar so high such that I had 5.0/5.0 in one of the semesters with a bit of dedication and I ended finishing top 5 out of the class

Today, I am currently in Canada on a graduate program fully funded by a Canadian university. Up till now, I am yet to spend a dime of myself in Canada because the scholarship covered everything. Guess what? I even got two scholarships from two different universities and just last week, I got another funding again. Yes just last week! What if I had committed suicide then? Would I have seen the goodness almighty God has packaged in my future today? What I am saying in essence is you can fall as much as possible but whenever you fall and refuse to rise again is when you failed. The righteous shall fall seven times…..but they shall rise again.

Conclusively, whatever the case maybe, dust up yourself and try again. Do not give up so easily because winners never quit and quitters never win. I am sure very soon you gonna look back and smile. Every successful man or woman at some point had a share of that gloomy period when you feel you are all alone and the world is about coming down on you. But I am happy to announce to you that alot of people have tread this same path and today they have become success and point of reference in the society. My brothers and sisters, it is never how far, but how well and tough time never lasts tough people do!!!!!!